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Cargo transportation around the world

We carry without borders by all means of transport. We deliver to any point of the globe. We reduce travel time thanks to optimal solutions and the use of professional technologies.

Complete loads


Complete cargoes — these are the loads intended for one recipient who occupy all cargo space car. That is: if one car completely loaded with cargo one customer, then she performs a complete transportation. However, for large quantities of goods can be used and several transport funds.

Consolidated cargo


Consolidated cargo: Joint cargo. What it is?

Consolidated cargo is, in simple words, the shipment of goods in small lots or piece units in a common vehicle or container in one direction.

Oversized cargo


What is oversized cargo? It is possible to classify cargo as oversized according to the following parameters: The height of the road train with cargo exceeds 4 meters. The width of the road train with cargo is more than 2.55 meters. The trailer platform with the load placed on it has a length of more than 20 meters.

Refrigerated transportation


Refrigerated transportation: Transportation with the maintenance of a certain temperature regime.

Additional services


Additional services: Customs clearance, cargo insurance, registration of necessary documentation.

Rail and air transportation


Transportation by several modes of transport.

Deliveries of goods by rail are a safe, reliable, inexpensive way of delivery. Cargo air transportation is necessary if you need to quickly transport cargo from one point to another, while reducing the risk of damage to the cargo in transit

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